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Sweet Perks of Travel Nursing

Sunday, May 9th, 2010 by RNBP Admin

rn-bridge-program-registerd-nurseNursing is the noblest profession ­­­to choose and if you are driven by the passion of helping people then this is the profession to be in. Of course, passion alone probably isn’t your only driving force in becoming a Registered Nurse.  My guess is that the job security and huge pay increase are attractive deciding factors.  Regular RNs are paid handsome salaries but if you are a travelling nurse then things would be brighter for you as far as the pay benefits are concerned. Travelling nurses enjoy better pay benefits when compared to their regular counterparts.

Apart from the salary or hourly pay though, a traveling nurse is also entitled to some pretty sweet perks and incentives. So if you are looking at this profession in terms of the number of zeros that are added to your pay check, then you also need to consider the incentives and perk that you are going to get. Remember benefits make up for a lot of your expenses which otherwise would have to coughed up by you.

Statistics reveal that the travelling nurses are paid very high salaries and when compared with the salaries of the regular RNs, we have found that travelling nurses earn 10% to 15 % more. If we take a look at the hourly rates, we find that the travelling nurses could receive anything between $30 and $40. But here lies a catch - all the travelling nurses are put on contract, so if you have a contract you earn some cool dollars but if you do not have one then you would fail to earn even a single dollar. If you are really an efficient travelling nurse and are in the good books of the agency, then it is more likely that the agency would pay you a certain amount - agreed by both you and your agency - during the period you are not working. This is very common with most of the agencies that hire travelling RNs for their clients.

Some other pay benefits of travelling nurses include health and professional insurance, thus not only providing you a health cover but also saving you from the lawsuits that can be filed in case something untowardly happens while you are on duty. These insurances would generally cost you something between $50 and $100 but being a traveling nurse, you would be able to save the same by getting into a contract with the agency that provides these pay benefits.

You can even expect to pursue higher education, in case you wish to, as there are some agencies that provide educational assistance too as well as housing and vacation accrual. So bottom line is, earning your RN degree and becoming a Registered Nurse opens more doors than just working in a hospital.  Being a travel RN might be something to look into.

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