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What Is Credit by Examination?

Tuesday, January 10th, 2012 by RNBP Admin

paramedic-to-rn-bridgeCredit by Examination award students credits that go toward earning an associate’s college degree, bachelor’s degree or college and vocational certification. Students take the examinations needed in their chosen field of study, which tests their knowledge in the subject. Testing sites throughout the US sponsor The College Level Examination Program (CLEP) and Advanced Placement (AP) exams at various times during the year. Most colleges consider the credits earned by the Credit by Examination program as transfer credits, so the college policies determine the earned credits for the degree.

The American Council on Education (ACE), approves other examinations recognized for college credit, such as the Excelsior College Exams and Dantes Subject Standardized tests, among others.

Top Benefits for Adult College Students
Most adult students have experience in the workforce that can go toward a degree program, saving them the time it takes to receive a four-year degree. Many adult students earn up to 40 credits toward a degree program through testing.

Another advantage of the Credit by Examination program is the money saved on college tuition. Most adult college student have families to provide for and spending under 100 dollars for an exam, saves thousands of dollars for college courses.

These examinations also help adult students who have already earned a degree but have been in the workplace for a number of years. They can earn continuing education credits for a graduate degree, using their work experience and specialized skills.

Preparing for Credit by Examination
Many adult students lack the confidence to take these exams because they are out of practice with testing and studying. This is especially true of those seeking medical careers, such as nursing because of the technical and medical facts needed to pass the exams.

Programs are available to help prepare for the exams in specific college fields if independent study is difficult or students feel intimidated by text book learning. One of these study programs is, an LPN to RN bridge program that provides all the study skills needed to pass the nursing exams and earn credit for a nursing degree. This program allows students to study according to their own schedule using videos, webinars, practice tests and live support.

Programs like help adult students remember what they study, boosting the self-esteem they need to pass the Credit by Examination exams. The program actually helps students pass all exams and courses needed to earn an ASN-RN, studying from home.

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RNBP News: Reform for Busy Learners

Tuesday, December 27th, 2011 by RNBP Admin


RNBP is in the news: The U.S. Nursing Shortage Leads to Training Reform for Busy Learners

With a national vacancy rate for registered nurses at more than 4 percent, the demand for nursing education programs to support the nursing profession, like RNBP , are critical. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, "the U.S. will require 1.2 million new RNs by 2014 to meet the nursing needs of the country, 500,000 to replace those leaving practice and an additional 700,000 new RNs to meet growing demands for nursing services."

Read the full news release about (RNBP) RN Bridge Program .

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Studying for the NCLEX-RN?

Thursday, October 27th, 2011 by RNBP Admin

The NCLEX is the most important exam that you’ll need to take in your career as a nurse. Need to prepare for the NCLEX review? Follow these tips to ensure that you are getting the most from your NCLEX Review.

  1. Know the exam. Become familiar with topics, format, and types of questions covered on the exam so you know how to focus your preparation efforts.
  2. Study area. Have a dedicated study space where you can keep your study aids and focus on regular basis.
  3. Practice schedule. Set up a reasonable practice schedule that you can complete each day.
  4. Concentrate. Studying with short, scheduled breaks will keep you focused and improve your ability to be sharp on test day.
  5. Study partners. If you can find some study partners, not only can you motivate one another, but you can collaborate on study techniques.
  6. Flashcards. Make or buy a set of flashcards and keep them with you so you always have the opportunity to get in a little extra studying.

As you study for the NCLEX keep in mind that most people are visual learners and can retain more information this way. As an RNBP member you understand how powerful video based learning can be. Our brains are wired to recall information a lot easier when we’ve first heard it using multiple senses. Video-based learning is the fastest way to learn, retain and apply useful information in a way that makes sense. is also a video based study program designed to feed you the right information in the best way so that you can learn both efficiently and effectively. It teaches you what you need to know to pass this important test. It lets the video be your guide as you test your knowledge through the practice exams. will revolutionize how people prepare for the NCLEX.

Check out more information on the NCLEX Review.

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Career Fields for the Registered Nurse

Thursday, May 5th, 2011 by RNBP Admin

lpn-to-rn-nurseIf you are thinking of making the transition from LPN to RN you will find this article informative and motivating. Registered nurses make up 60% of the medical field because they work in every area of medicine.

The most familiar role of the registered nurse is the nurse who works in a hospital, a clinic or a doctor’s office. The basic duties of a registered nurse are:

  • Treat patients according to instructions by a physician
  • Educate patients, their caregivers and the public about illnesses and conditions
  • Provide emotional support to families
  • Keep records of medical histories
  • Perform diagnostic tests
  • Administer medications
  • Write up management plans for home use
  • Instruct patients in diet, nutrition and exercise
  • And many other duties

However, there are many more career paths a registered nursing degree can take you. A few of those career paths are:

  • The perioperative nurse works in the operating room assisting surgeons.
  • Perianesthesia nurses take care of patients before and after surgery or other procedures
  • Transport nurses are emergency nurses who monitor patients while they are being transported by helicopter or plane to a hospital.
  • Nephrology nurses specialize in working with patients with kidney disease.
  • Some nurses combine two specialties such as pediatric oncology nurses who work with children who have cancer.

These are just five of the 62 different areas of nursing that are available to a registered nurse. Some nursing positions are more stressful than others. For instance, nursing positions in hospitals, especially in the emergency room, tend to be more stressful than positions in private practice.  Some of the specialties also require certification by a certifying board but the first step to take is to get an ASN degree in nursing from an accredited college institution.

Nurses’ salaries depend on the specialty and what city the position is located. According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook registered nurses can look forward to making from $43,410 to $92,240 per year. Job growth is 22% between 2008 and 2018 which is much faster than average for all occupations. You could not go wrong investing a few years in becoming a registered nurse.

If you’re ready to make the transition from LPN to RN the RNBP video learning system can help make it happen faster and easier!

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Effects of Healthcare Reform on Nursing

Sunday, March 6th, 2011 by RNBP Admin

rnbp-healthOne of the most crucial provisions in the healthcare reform act that is important to the careers of nurses is Obama’s promise to increase funding for the education of nurses. Nursing organizations have been carefully monitoring the status of healthcare reform to gauge its impact on the shortage of nurses in the healthcare industry. Many people who oppose healthcare reform believe that the cost to instrument the plan is exceedingly expensive. In general, nurses believe people can have access to quality medical care without any increase in the cost. Some nurses believe that healthcare reform is really more about reforming health insurance. Nurses would prefer that the passing of the healthcare reform act will cause more money to go towards funding patient care, as oppose to lining the pockets of insurance companies.

Healthcare reform cannot solve the critical shortage of nurse alone. It will take additional help from the state and federal government, and donations from private investors to provide money for nurses to attend school. The American Nurses Association supports healthcare reform legislation, because it will provide increase funding for the education of nurses. The Public Health Service Act has initiated programs which are the primary source of federal funds stipulated for research and the education of nurses. These provisions were put into place to make sure there will not be a shortage of nurse in the future.

Nursing organizations across the Unites States appreciate the fact that healthcare reform has made registered nurses and nurse practitioners an integral part of the healthcare team by given them more leadership responsibilities. Some doctors fear that with registered nurses and nurses practitioners assuming more responsibility, the quality of patient care will deteriorate, and their salaries will decrease. Under the healthcare reform act, federal funding will be provided to Nurse-Managed Clinics, so that nurse practitioners can provide primary and preventive health care in areas that has a shortage of doctors.

Despite strong opposition to the healthcare reform act, many nurses believe that health care reform is needed to improve the overall quality and cost of patient care. Nursing organizations has work closely with the Obama administration to make changes to the healthcare reform bill that will have a positive impact on nurses and patient care in the medical field. Healthcare reform legislation mandates that all Americans must have healthcare insurance. This law will make it necessary to employ more nurses in the future. Nurses will play a vital role in implementing the provisions of healthcare reform, and they will continue to advocate for changes in the healthcare reform laws when needed.

Ready to go from LPN to RN?

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New RNBP Progress Reward Program!

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011 by RNBP Admin

RNBP Reward ProgramWe are so blown away with the progress our members are making (and how quickly they are making it) so we decided to start rewarding all the hard work by giving our members $20 off a month of their membership for every passing exam they fax to us!

So not only is already up to 67% cheaper than any other way to prepare for your nursing exams but it just got even more affordable!

Here’s what Robert had to say after passing his exam using the RNBP video learning system,

“Just passed Health Differences with  ”A”. RNBP really help me get it done.. I watched all the videos and did the practice test over and over till I got it down.  The practice test questions are written in the same style and format as the real test questions which really helped. There are a lot of study options out there. You have to choose smart.  As far as I am concerned RNBP is a great Bang for you Buck…. Thank you RNBP. My Grade of  ”A” says is all….”- Robert Omstad MICP,CPHT

Are you ready to get your RN degree in as little as 7 months by studying just 5 hours of video per week?  Make 2011 the year that you finally do it.

If you are already a member and want to start taking advantage of the RNBP Progress Reward Program fax your passing exam grade (passed on February 1, 2011 or later) to 1877-322-2911 and receive $20 off of your membership fee for the following month.  If you pass multiple exams in one month, which frequently happens, you will receive a $20 credit for the following months equal to the number of exams you passed using RNBP.

Getting your RN degree just got easier, faster and even MORE AFFORDABLE!

Go from LPN to RN today!

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Study Less. Learn More.

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010 by RNBP Admin

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RNBP Makes National News!

Saturday, April 24th, 2010 by RNBP Admin


This is an excerpt from the story that the Kenya Empowerment (a national print newspaper) featured about!

“The problem with conventional distance learning programs though is the lack of support that the students get. Up until very recently it’s pretty much been a solitary process to earn your RN degree through a distance learning program,” says Viktoria Lindskog, President and co‐founder of “Incorporating all the technological advancements into distance learning gives students the same support of a traditional program but on a schedule that fits the student’s life,” adds Ms. Lindskog.

Although presented in a different format, the academics are the same for both traditional and non‐traditional nursing programs. With the explosion of live streaming video on the internet though nursing students can access their lectures from their computer or even from their mobile devices. It won’t be long before nursing students will be able to view their live streaming video lectures from the comfort of their living room on their TV’s.

Having to attend onsite classes on a full‐time basis is rapidly becoming a thing of the past. Simply put, without the conveniences nontraditional nursing programs offer students, many former students could not have followed their dreams of becoming a graduate of an accredited nursing program. It’s clear that the most feasible solution to the national RN crisis is to produce more nurses and it’s the pending upsurge of internet based nursing education that’s going to accommodate that demand.”

Read the full story here.

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