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Becoming a Successful RN Entrepreneur

Monday, November 1st, 2010 by RNBP Admin

Many nurses have forn-businessund themselves in the position where they are ready to make the transition from working for hospitals and clinics to becoming a successful and in-demand registered nurse entrepreneur. LPN’s and RN’s both have found that hospital jobs have hectic and demanding scheduling, strict policies and procedures to follow, therefore increasing stress and taking away from a quality family life. Often mandatory overtime and rigid guidelines of being employed by a hospital, nursing home, or clinic have left many nurses feeling underappreciated, overworked, and drained.

Self-employment as a registered nurse allows nurses to have the freedom and opportunity to explore the diverse and challenging avenues of entrepreneurship. With an RN degree in hand, the doors of career options unfold, offering more choices in travel, companies to work for, creativity options, and setting their own schedules. For those considering using their current college credits to pursue a further education in nursing, many LPN to RN bridge programs are available. These programs will not only take an LPN out of a lower pay scale but will also open key career paths to becoming self-employed once completed. Advancing education in nursing to obtain a successful career as an RN entrepreneur has transformed many nurses from being unhappy and burdened in the medical field to feeling excited about going to work daily.

Professional entrepreneur opportunities existing for RNs include private medical consultants to businesses and healthcare industries, traveling RN, private healthcare RN for families and corporations, school screenings, and more. Nurses who have advanced through using LPN to RN bridge programs have enjoyed the array of choices made available by determining which medical entrepreneur path works best for them. Often averaging at $125.00 an hour, these professionals have enjoyed a greater scale of pay as well as the flexibility to setting their own schedules. RNs can freelance their services as needed and maintain quality time at home with family activities.

An unending sea of occupational selection awaits the entrepreneur RN or those furthering their medical education. Healthcare, one of the most in-demand careers, has a wide array of self-employment possibilities and many people are choosing to become their own boss and leave the demanding hassle of working for a hospital or clinic. Whether an RN wishes to teach, hold seminars, become a private consultant, or meet the medical needs of corporations, these nurses are finding the advantages of being their own boss much outweighs clocking in everyday. Small overhead allows RNs to start up business with ease and a minimum of equipment. Working from home with their current computers and printers provides an efficient and affordable way for entrepreneurs just starting out to quickly become self-employed. This transition has changed the attitude and outlook of their medical careers for thousands of RNs who found themselves unhappy trapped in a cycle of twelve hour shifts and harsh guidelines. With an RN degree and a home computer and telephone, an exciting new career of self-employment is just a step away.

Are you ready to earn your RN degree?

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