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New RNBP Progress Reward Program!

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011 by RNBP Admin

RNBP Reward ProgramWe are so blown away with the progress our members are making (and how quickly they are making it) so we decided to start rewarding all the hard work by giving our members $20 off a month of their membership for every passing exam they fax to us!

So not only is already up to 67% cheaper than any other way to prepare for your nursing exams but it just got even more affordable!

Here’s what Robert had to say after passing his exam using the RNBP video learning system,

“Just passed Health Differences with  ”A”. RNBP really help me get it done.. I watched all the videos and did the practice test over and over till I got it down.  The practice test questions are written in the same style and format as the real test questions which really helped. There are a lot of study options out there. You have to choose smart.  As far as I am concerned RNBP is a great Bang for you Buck…. Thank you RNBP. My Grade of  ”A” says is all….”- Robert Omstad MICP,CPHT

Are you ready to get your RN degree in as little as 7 months by studying just 5 hours of video per week?  Make 2011 the year that you finally do it.

If you are already a member and want to start taking advantage of the RNBP Progress Reward Program fax your passing exam grade (passed on February 1, 2011 or later) to 1877-322-2911 and receive $20 off of your membership fee for the following month.  If you pass multiple exams in one month, which frequently happens, you will receive a $20 credit for the following months equal to the number of exams you passed using RNBP.

Getting your RN degree just got easier, faster and even MORE AFFORDABLE!

Go from LPN to RN today!

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