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RNBP Makes National News!

Saturday, April 24th, 2010 by RNBP Admin


This is an excerpt from the story that the Kenya Empowerment (a national print newspaper) featured about!

“The problem with conventional distance learning programs though is the lack of support that the students get. Up until very recently it’s pretty much been a solitary process to earn your RN degree through a distance learning program,” says Viktoria Lindskog, President and co‐founder of “Incorporating all the technological advancements into distance learning gives students the same support of a traditional program but on a schedule that fits the student’s life,” adds Ms. Lindskog.

Although presented in a different format, the academics are the same for both traditional and non‐traditional nursing programs. With the explosion of live streaming video on the internet though nursing students can access their lectures from their computer or even from their mobile devices. It won’t be long before nursing students will be able to view their live streaming video lectures from the comfort of their living room on their TV’s.

Having to attend onsite classes on a full‐time basis is rapidly becoming a thing of the past. Simply put, without the conveniences nontraditional nursing programs offer students, many former students could not have followed their dreams of becoming a graduate of an accredited nursing program. It’s clear that the most feasible solution to the national RN crisis is to produce more nurses and it’s the pending upsurge of internet based nursing education that’s going to accommodate that demand.”

Read the full story here.

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