The RNBP Advantage

People remember 10% of what they hear, 20% of what they read and 80% of what they see and do.  In fact, a recent study by the U.S. Federal Government shows that 83% of human learning takes place visually and that information presented visually is retained at a rate six times greater than information communicated by spoken or written word alone.

That’s why our teaching methodology is revolutionary—it’s the exact opposite of conventional RN bridge programs. Where other programs rely on you to pour through stacks of text books and study guides, we’ve developed and integrated a video learning system with live, real- time classroom lecture providing structure and support to online nursing education never before available.  Instead of reading 300 pages in a study guide or text book, you’ll watch just five hours of video a week, covering all required learning objectives and actually retain what you’ve learned.

What You Get With Your RNBP Membership

  • Over 100 hours of comprehensive video instruction! In traditional RN Bridge programs you’re forced to adhere to rigid schedules based on the schools predetermined assessment of the average student’s ability.  With RNBP you already have all your curriculum content mapped out into easy to grasp, comprehensive video modules so you can go as fast or as slow as your schedule allows.  Our program is designed to get you from where you are to your new degree faster than any other means by studying just 5 hours a week.  If you can study more, then have at it.  With RNBP you are in total control, like it should be.
  • Key point recaps after each video section! With key points laid out for you at the end of each video you can compare what you remember with what you should know upon completion of the video module.

  • Over 2000 practice test questions! With over 2000 practice questions designed just how you will see them on your exams, you will be able to test your competency  knowledge and know if you are truly prepared to tackle the exam or not.  After taking the computer generated practice exam your answers are automatically scored.  Questions answered incorrectly are returned with rationales.  If you have questions on why the answer is what it is, you can email your tutor directly, post it to the member’s forum or log onto one of the live training webinars.
  • Video responses to top questions! Unlike publishing companies that won’t rewrite study guides when the same questions get asked over and over again, we create video answers to all popular questions which means we don’t just answer your question, we teach why the answer is what it is.

  • Full access to the member’s only student forum! With the student forum you can post questions for both students and forum moderators to offer support and help.  Any questions posted will get a guaranteed answer within 24 hours from a subject matter expert.  So if you don’t feel like jumping on a live Q&A webinar you can take full advantage of the student forum.

  • A proven system to earn your accredited degree! Upon completion of our video learning system and successful completion of your exams for credit, you will have a nationally recognized nursing degree from an NLN accredited institution. For over five years we have helped thousands of nursing students work towards their RN degree.  It worked for them, it will work for you!

  • Unlimited email support! Just another way we offer you a direct line to people that can help you.  All emails are guaranteed to be answered within 24 hours.

  • Monthly membership for unlimited usage! Why pay an average of $377 for one study guide when you can pay a low membership fee of just $147 a month and watch as many videos and get on as many live Q&A training webinars as you have time for?  On average you will pay 60% to 80% less as an RNBP member than you would with any other RN bridge program!

  • Month to month membership with NO CONTRACT! That’s right!  We are so certain that our test preparation system will prove to be so invaluable that we are offering our memberships with no strings attached. We won’t lock you into a contract so you can start and stop as you please.