A little bit about us...

RNBridgeprogram.com (RNBP) has an irrefutable commitment to helping healthcare professionals pursue higher education and has a record of proven academic success to back it up.  Dedicated since 2004 to innovating new ways to contribute to the accessibility of nontraditional nursing education, we have aided hundreds of full-time working nursing students earn college credits towards their degree.  

We’ve differentiated ourselves in the market by designing  our program to accommodate the demanding schedules that most health care professionals endure.  It’s easy to say you’ll read 100 pages of your textbook every night, but not so easy to do after you get home from your 12 hour shift at the hospital.  By the time you take the kids to soccer practice and make dinner for the family it’s hard enough to unwind for the night before you’re up and at it the next day.

That’s why we developed RNBP on these underlying principles.

Excellence. Our curriculum is guaranteed to be thorough and accurate because we constantly update it in congruence with the ever changing healthcare field.  RNBP takes a practical approach to learning providing you with the skills that will keep you in demand in today’s ever changing, competitive job market.  We don’t teach you just what you need to know to skate by, we teach you what you need to know to become an industry leader in your chosen profession.

Flexibility. Unlike other programs that force you to fit into their idea of a “flexible program” we have developed a virtual classroom that fits into your lifestyle.

Convenience. As a healthcare professional you are often expected to work long shifts, sometimes 24 hours at a time. We understand that being physically away from your duty station to attend every class is sometimes unrealistic.  That’s why we have designed our program to bring the classroom to you.

Affordability. Education isn’t cheap but it shouldn’t drain your savings account either.  Atypical of conventional educational programs, we offer unlimited usage of our services for a membership fee versus other organizations and third party publishing companies that charge almost $500 for one book.

Community. At RNBP we recognize the solace in knowing that whatever you are going through someone else is going through the same thing too.  We know at times it will be hard and you will be tempted to give your studies a backseat to everything else you have going on, but it’s motivating to be able to relate to other students that feel the same way.  We rely on our community members just as much as they rely on us.  At RNBP you have a voice and a role as a community member.   Schooling should not only be an educational endeavor but it should also be an experience.

We’d be lying if we told you that getting your nursing degree online will be easy.  It won’t.  It will take motivation, dedication and a drive to reach your goals.  However we can guarantee it will be a great deal easier and faster with RNBP by your side to keep you on track.

With RNBP you can be sure you are committing yourself to a program loyal first and foremost to you and your academic success and that anything we do will be backed with integrity.  

We’re glad you’re here and we thank you for the opportunity to help you bridge your existing medical experience with the education that will mean more opportunity for you in the healthcare profession.